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My highest praises go to Dr Andochick and his team for making a very traumatic experience in my life not so traumatic. Dr Andochick helped reconstruct my breasts after having a double mastectomy on Deb 8, 2016. He was very professional, told me everything I would experience, and was very realistic with my outcome. I am beyond elated with how my breasts look now. Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait to show you pictures of me in my wedding dress in 2017! Gina Posey

Gina Posey

Dr Andochick is incredible. He and his staff does an amazing job of making you feel comfortable with your decision. Follow up care was excellent. I’ve never been more satisfied with my decision. I would fully recommend Dr.A , hands down.

Tameka Sims

For many years I have wanted a rhinoplasty. I finally went through with it! The entire team at Dr. Andochicks office are top tier nurses and doctors! I was so nervous, but every single staff member the day of surgery was amazing. I am now 2 months post op! I already love my nose so much. If you are thinking of getting anything done, go here!

Aubrie Gadra

I truly can't say enough amazing things about him and his staff. Dr. Andochick has given my life back to me. He gives beautiful results and would recommend him 1000 times. 5 stars isn't enough and he deserves more. The staff was helpful and such a great encouragement in this process. My confidence has sky rocketed because of him. Thank you Dr. Andochick and staff, I can't thank you enough for giving me my life back.

Amanda Willow

I had a breastlift and augmentation as well as liposuction of the hips and flanks about a year ago. I cannot say enough good things about Dr. Andochick and his team!! From the receptionists to the nurses and assistants they are all so wonderful and friendly and make you feel right at home. We are all on first name basis! As for Dr. A, he has the best bedside manner. You can tell that he truly cares about his patients. He is kind, funny, and caring. He will make sure you understand any risks and unrealistic expectations. He will not do something if he thinks it will not be beneficial or turn out the way a patient might think it will. For example, I said I wanted lipo all over and he told me that its not that simple and you have to be careful or you will have loose skin after the fact in certain areas. Things I didn't realize. Going into surgery I was nervous, but everyone put me at ease and I felt very confident I was in good hands. The weeks after surgery if I had any concerns, all I had to do was call in to the office or send a picture to Dr. A or Ashley and they would get back to me quickly. If they felt they needed to see me in person, they made time for me immediately and mostly this was a "just in case" type of appointment. It was never really necessary for any of my concerns but they just want to take the best care of their patients. It has been over a year now and they still make time to talk to me or see me in a timely manner if I have any questions or concerns. My results are beyond amazing! I feel so confident now and clothes fit better. My body is now proportionate for the size of my frame. I would never go anywhere else! They are some of my favorite people!!


Dr Andochick and the staff at the Andochick center, specifically Ashley, really make you feel comfortable and welcome. They go above and beyond to make their patients feel valued and cater every decision to your specific desires and objectives. Would highly recommend, very happy with my breast implant surgery process and results.

Nile Atteberry-leahy

Dr. Andochick and his staff made my experience a pleasure. Everyone was very kind and informative. Dr. Andochick exceeded all of my expectations. My procedure was smooth and my results where better than I could have ever imagined. Through out the process, I can honestly say there is not one thing I would change and could not be happier! I highly recommend the Andochick center to anyone interested in cosmetic surgery.

Sasha Thompson

My experience at the Andochick Center was wonderful. Dr. Andochick is personable, easygoing, and honest about the risks & benefits of cosmetic surgery. He does amazing work and you won’t find a more qualified surgeon than him in the area. I got a tummy tuck, and he and his staff made me feel safe and comfortable every step of the way. He texted me the evening before my surgery to make sure I was prepared for the next day. The day of my surgery I was scared and nervous, but his surgical team talked me through the entire process, which helped to calm my nerves. The surgical room was clean and sterile and everyone took additional sanitation precautions due to COVID. Although the surgery lasted for hours, it felt like minutes to me. When I woke up, a nurse was by my side offering me fluids and something to snack on. I was then taken to a recovery room where the night nurse cared for me until it was time for me to go home the next day. The best part about my experience was the follow up appointments. There are no limitations on follow ups. My first follow up with Dr. A was two days after my surgery, then once a week for a month. After the first month, I was seen bi-weekly, then monthly, until I reached 6 months. These appointments were crucial to my recovery process and Dr. A made every appointment count. I definitely got what I paid for and so much more. It was worth every dime.

Levy Gals

I can't say enough about Dr. Andochick and his staff! They are wonderful. Everyone, including Dr. Andochick, is friendly, gentle, and very engaging. They know you and make you feel at home. I went in for an elective procedure. I was a bit anxious when I went for my first consultation. I left without a care in the world and totally confident I made the right decision. Three months later...and I am totally thrilled with my decision. The procedure is perfect and exactly as it was described to me! I am one happy girl thanks to Dr. Andochick!

Bonnie Swanson

I am delighted with the results of several cosmetic procedures performed by Dr Andochick! He and his staff are top-rate; very relaxed and informative. He is a perfectionist with great medical skills and artistic vision. I'm more than satisfied. Thank you!


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