With summer at full blast here are some safe sun tips for healthy skin.

1.) Sunscreen products containing Zinc or Avobenzone will be most helpful at blocking UVA Light to keep away harmful UV damage.

2.) Apply a shot glass full of sunscreen to cover your entire body and should be reapplied every one to two hours.

3.) Wearing a large brimmed hat (in addition to sunscreen) can shield your face and hair from the sun, especially in prolonged hours of being outdoors.

4.) A sun protection factor of 15 and up means that the product will lower your chances of skin cancer and skin aging. SPF's that range from 2-14 only mean that they will help prevent sunburn at best.

There are plenty of ways to glowing bronzed skin without spending hours in the sun. Here you will find some of the top rated, most loved self tanners and bronzers.
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